Computer clean-up

Computer clean-up.
Computer clean-up.

A computer clean-up is a crucial task to keep your computer fast and responsive.
You can get a lot of different PC errors when you do not maintain your system; the most known problems are software errors, Dll errors and a slow computer. When your computer is running slow, everything that you use on your computer will be slow, like for instance a slow internet.

In this page I will give instructions and tips on how to speed up a computer that is running slow. The goal of this article is to perform a computer clean up, without formatting the whole system. Not all steps can be performed manually. For some clean-up steps you will need to download and install a tool. If you are afraid to make thing worse instead of fixing them, because you lack of computer experience, or you do not want to lose time on boring maintenance tasks, I recommend you to use Regcure Pro or the PCKeeper. These software programs are specialized in cleaning, repairing and updating computers running Microsoft Windows. No pc experience is required and all the maintenance tasks are done with a single mouse click. Do you have a mac? Read then our article on mac cleaners: What is the best mac cleaner?

Computer clean-up: the Windows Registry

The Windows registry is the brain of your computer. Without the Windows registry your computer cannot work.  En the registry all system, software and user configurations are stored. When Windows starts-up for example, the registry is consulted to know what kind of Windows core elements must be started, which drivers must be loaded and how many users are registered on the computer.

Clean windows registry to fix a computer that is running slowYou can imagine that, any damage in the Windows registry will result directly in to a computer problem. But not only a damaged Windows Registry causes problems, also does a dirty registry. How get the Windows registry dirty? Windows and all software have access to the Registry to consult or to create new configuration elements. When a software program only creates those elements and never cleans them up, than the Windows registry is getting dirty. This leads normally to performance problems: starting Windows seems to take for ever, starting a software is slow and pc hang-ups.

Users can not clean-up the Windows registry manually. This because the registry is a very delicate part of Windows, and Microsoft want to discourage that people are trying to modify this core part of the operating system. Any error made in the registry can result in severe pc problems. You will need to use a software program that is specialized in cleaning and repairing the Windows registry. These kinds of programs are also called Windows registry cleaners. A registry cleaner of high quality is Regcure Pro. This tool scans your system for Windows registry errors and cleans-up unused configuration elements.

Computer clean-up step 1scan your registry with the Regcure Pro – a real pc performance booster.

Computer clean-up: the hard disk

Clean-up the hard disk is also an important task and is not so difficult to do.
The hard disk plays an important role as all data: the Windows operating system, software, user data etc. is stored on it. But besides that the hard disk also is often used as virtual memory. So it is smart to clean up the disk once and a while.

Cleaning up a hard disk exists of two steps: one cleaning and the second step: defragment the disk. Microsoft offers two tools to clean-up and defrag the hard disk: Disk Cleanup and Disk defragmenter.

By cleaning up your hard disk you will gain again in free space. By defragmenting the hard disk you will gain in performance, as little fragments in different places on your disk are joined together on one place on the disk. When reading a file, the head of the hard disk does not have to move from one place to another, which makes reading data from the file faster.

Computer clean-up: update old drivers

Your computer has been build up from several hardware components. All those components are started and controlled by the operating system. Windows communicates with hardware via hardware drivers, without drivers no device on your system will work.

Clean-up the computer from old driversWhen a driver is not working correctly or you have installed the wrong driver for a specific hardware component you can get hardware and software errors. Beside errors, hardware will perform less when you are not working with the correct driver.

And if hardware is working with the correct driver, updating them is a smart thing to do. Hardware manufactures publish periodically new version of their hardware drivers. Those new versions are fixing bugs/problems in the old one and normally are more efficient that their ancestor. A computer clean-up of old divers makes your system faster.

Updating hardware drivers can be done manually, but it is a time consuming job. There are tools available which you can use to update the drivers automatically, so called driver scanners. There are practical but I believe that buying a tool that is only capable to upgrade drivers is exaggerated. I recommend Regcure Pro. This tool offers besides a driver scanner several other tools.

Computer cleaned up? Let’s improve the pc performance

When your computer is clean, you will notice that your pc has a better performance. It will make your computer faster and normally it will solve a slow internet. If your internet stays slow, I recommend that you read the article: Slow Internet, to determine what other factors can cause this internet problem.

Run a pc speed testIn order to improve the pc performance I recommend performing a Pc speed test. With this test you will get an indication whether you are able to improve the pc speed, (depending on your hardware configuration) and how to improve your pc speed.

I hope that these instruction for a computer clean-up helped you. Any comments or suggestions are welcome, please leave a comment.

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