Why is my internet so slow?

We use the internet every day intensively, on a computer, on our mobile phone or any other high tech device that can be connected to the internet.  It is therefore not strange that, when the user has internet problems, like for example a slow internet or wants to speed up internet, finding comprehensive information on how to do this is difficult. On this website: Slow internet & Solutions, we offer you tips and practical instructions on how to fix or how to speed up your PC and internet connection..

why is my internet so slow

Mac Systems
Do you own a Mac?
Read how to improve your internet speed on: slow internet on Mac systems?

Windows Systems
Are you not having problem with internet, but you are looking for how to speed up internet, than you have two options. You could try to weak the internet configuration by yourself….nevertheless, normally it is not just the internet configuration that is at the root of the problem. A better option is to start with a diagnostic program with a comprehensive scan for internet and system performance issues. Paretologic and Kromtech are Microsoft Gold Software Developpers and a reliable providers of PC diagnostic and utility programs. The PCKeeper is a complete solution for improving your computer and internet performance. The PCKeeper includes a malware scanner for possible malware infections that could be at the root of your internet and PC performance problems. When you are experiencing internet problems, it is logical that you immediate suspect that the navigator or your internet connection is causing the trouble. But in most cases a slow internet is caused by a lack of computer maintenance. When you do not clean up your computer once and a while your computer will run slower over time. You have to realize that when your computer is running slow, everything that you use on your PC will be slow. Therefore the first thing to do is a computer clean-up.

Once you have cleaned up your computer and your internet is still slow, you can perform the following checks:

1. An unhealthy system causes  the internet performance to slow down

slow internet connection As a mentioned earlier, a key factor in having a fast internet connection is, having your computer clean. But sometimes cleaning a hard disk for example does not improve your computer performance. Sometimes the problem can be found in software errors or in error within the operating system. For example in Windows, the Windows registry plays a crucial role in the good performance of you system. Error in the Windows register leads to critical problems. To fix these kinds of problems you will need a tool. Not even the most experienced software engineer is capable to fix complex register errors. There are several tools on the market that are specialized in analyzing your computer and are capable to fix and update Windows, drivers, hard disk and the Windows registry at once. We recommend the above PCKeeperSpeedy PC Pro or the Regcure Pro.

I like the Speedy PC Pro. It is a complete diagnostic quick scan developped by Paretologic. The software is designed to analyze te internet settings, possible malware infections and to boost up the computer and internet performance by one simple mouse click.  It is the most efficient and easy way to speed up the internet. This tool offers a free health scan, which allows you to determine if your computer has been damaged or not.

why is my internet so slowwhy is internet slowStep 1: Check your PC on Windows errors and other internal system problems:

Recommended: Complete PC diagnostic scan with the Speedy PC Pro!

Check causes of slow internet with Kromtech PCKeeper

If you have a mac computer, you could use a mac cleaner for cleaning and optimizing your system.

2.Slow internet caused by a rootkit, virus or spyware

The internet is great, but it is also full with a lot of bad stuff. The most important: viruses and malware. When your computer gets infected with spyware, a browser hijacker or a spy software program or a rootkit, you can expect two bacic system problems: your computer is running slow and a slow internet.

Virus making your internet slowTo get your PC infected by malware is for hackers quite easy to accomplish.  Certainly when the computer user has no or one of those free anti-virus products installed on his system. I am not a fan of those free antivirus programs, because they let you think that they offer a complete PC and internet protection, but they don´t. The free version only protects a part of the PC. So if you are not using any antivirus or you are using a free one, I recommend that you always scan your computer with high quality antivirus software, like for instance: the SpyHunter or the Regcure Pro or the PCKeeper. If you suspect your slow internet connection is caused by spyware activities, you can also please read our Spyware Removal Guide.

Besides from this I would suggest to secure your internet connection by means of VPN technology and to avoid proxy lists in order to access the internet anonymously or circumvent geo-restrictions  of websites.  Using a proxy list will not only be a possible cause for malware infection, but also a slow internet connection. Finally, don’t forget a mac needs also antivirus: why does my mac need antivirus software?

slow internet Step 2: Scan your computer with antivirus software.
Download a free antivirus scan with SpyHunter 4


3. Internet browser settings are making your internet slow

When your computer performance is okay, and you notice that internet is only slow when surfing the internet, then it is time to check your internet browser settings. But before you start playing with the web browser configuration, the easiest way to determine if your navigator is causing the problem is by downloading another one and see if the new one is faster. If you use for example Internet Explorer as web browser, download and install Chrome or FireFox. If the new browser is faster, use that one and uninstall the old one. It is often much easier to solve configuration issue this way.

What causes a web browser running slow? That is quite easy to answer. Nowadays on every popular website you can download and install so called browser plugins. These plugins offer you specific services or shortcuts to their websites. This is great, but those plugins, also called add-ins, are making your browser slow. I recommend being very selective in which plugin you install in your browser.

4. Internet connection is slow

Another factor that can make your internet slow is the internet connection.
Depending on what kind of connection you have contracted, an internet connection is used by you alone (ADSL) or shared among several users (Cable). If you share your connection with several users, than you can imagine that how more users are connected, the slower the internet becomes.

Also your internet provider defines at which speed you can upload or download files. It is always wise to check your internet speed, to verify that the internet provider is providing the contracted speed.

There are several websites that offer an internet speed test. I have selected one which in my opinion is the best: Speed test. This website tells you exactly how your download and upload speed.

How to speed up internet?

How to speed up internetWhen you have a PC that is free of software errors and is well maintained, you can speed up internet even more. You can use an internet booster to improve your internet speed, like System Mechanic,  PC Speed Up or Regcure Pro or PCKeeper, but you can, as said earlier tune your pc by yourself.  If you want to tune your pc by yourself, I will repeat it again: manual optimization is only possible when your computer is running well, so check if your Pc’s health before spending hours on tweaking your system!
For the users who have enough Pc experience I recommend the article: how to speed up internet. In this article tips and tricks are revealed on how to optimize your browser.

Is your internet slow on your Android device?

Maybe it is time to root your Android device? A rooted Android device is more secure and has a much better performance. For more information: how to root Android?

I hope that with the given information, I have answered the question: why is my internet so slow? I would like to invite you to leave a comment behind in case you have questions or suggestions.

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