How to speed up internet?

Many people are asking themselves: how to speed up internet? The goal of this article is to answer that question and to give some hints and tips to speed-up internet and to solve the most common problem: a slow internet.

how to speed up internet explained.
How to speed up internet?

There some vital questions you must ask yourself in order to be able to improve the internet speed. The first one: is my internet slower now than since several months ago? If you answer this question with yes, then I recommend that you read the article: slow internet. Because if you are having a slow internet because your system health is bad or you PC is infected with a virus, any attempt to speed up internet is useless.

Also when you have the feeling that your computer is running slow, the first thing you must do is to clean-up your computer. If your computer is running slow, everything on your computer will be slow, including the internet. I recommend that you read the article: slow computer.

So if your system is running smoothly and your computer is not infected with any virus, you can start with optimizing your internet connection.

So how to speed up internet?

  • Optimize the internet browser configuration
  • Use caching
  • Check and compare internet providers
  • Use speed up software

Optimize internet browser configuration

We use an internet browser to surf the internet. So the internet browser has an important role when it comes to internet speed. Therefore it is important that you have your browser well configured to obtain the maximum possible internet speed.

Therefore the first step in how to speed up internet will be: optimize the browser configuration.  We have analysed at this moment two browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox and we have written some instructions to improve the navigation speed. Some instructions are maybe for a normal PC user to complicated, but you can always give it a try!

Are you using Internet Explorer? Check out the article: Internet explorer and problems. In this article we give solution on common problems related to this web browser and you can find tips on how to setup the configuration to obtain the maximum browser speed.

If you are using Firefox, I recommend two articles: common Firefox problems, an article where you can find solutions for the most common Firefox issues. The second article that maybe of interest is: speed up Firefox. In this article you can find instructions to optimize the browser settings for maximum download speed.

Use caching

When you search on the internet on how to speed up internet you can find a lot of comments in forums telling you to use internet caching. And they are right! Caching does not speed up the internet, but it speeds up the page loading.

Use internet cacheSo what is internet caching? When you have internet caching activated, your web browser will store file, like for example images or video, on your hard disk when you visit a webpage for the first time. So the first time, all this information is downloaded to your PC. The second time that you visit the same webpage, the browser detect that most of the content of that site is already downloaded and instead of downloading the content again it loads it from the hard disk. This is of course must faster than downloading from the internet. So the second visit is up to 10 times faster than the first time. This is very practical if you visit often the same website, but of course has no effect when you visit each time a new one.

Check and compare the speed of your internet connection

The speed of your internet depends of course a lot on the internet connection that you have contracted. If you have contracted an internet connection with a maximum download speed of 6MB, you can never get 7 MB. But it is wise to check once and a while your internet speed. You can do this by using an internet speed test. Such a test can tell you how fast your download and upload speed. This information you can use to compare if the internet speed that you have contracted is really delivered by the internet provider. There are several websites that offer such an internet speed test, like for example: broadband speed checker.

Are you with the same internet provider for years? Then checking the offers of other providers can help you to bargain a discount by your actual provider, or maybe you see an offer of another provider that for the same money gives you more internet speed. There are also a lot of sites that offer these compare overviews, one of them is Money Super Market.

Is there any easier why on how to speed up the internet by contracting more internet download speed?

How to speed up internet? Use speedup software

The last option on how to speed up the internet is using speedup software. Speed up software are programs specialized Use speed up software in tuning the computer performance. One part of this tuning consists of adjusting your browser settings to improve the internet browsing experience.
The big advantage of this software is that you do no need any computer experience to boost up the computer performance.
A good example of such a program is Pc Perfomance Toolkit of Pc Tools.

Tried all tips above and you were not able to improve your internet Speed?


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