The advancement of internet technology our cloud technology takes away the burden of having to cope with many software installations on personal computers. Many software installations, driver installations and updates have an impact on computer performance and security. By using internet technology you avoid many of the factors that slow down a computer, but it could slow down internet and cause internet problems. The use of internet technology or cloud technologies requires more internet bandwidth.

internet technology innovatiosEverybody is already familiar with cloud technology in the manifestation of social media platforms like Facebook. Many internet users are already familiar with the VOIP-technology of Skype and Viber or cloud storage solutions like Dropbox and Storj . Al these internet technologies and cloud solutions need extra internet bandwidth, if not internet slows down.

internet technologyMany experts proclaim we have entered in a period where a paradigm shift will occur towards the use of internet money or the internet of money in combination with the use of many new fintech solutions that provide alternatives for traditional banking solutions for particularly the unbanked in many countries in the Third World. Uphold is such a new payment platform based on the internet technology of cloud money or internet money. Uphold is he world’s fastest growing platform for moving, converting​, transacting ​and holding any form of money or commodity.​ Instantly, securely and for free! For more information: Uphold Homepage.

MyGoogle+Avatar1The complete digitalization of normal currencies is already well advanced and cash as a means of payment is not much used these days. Bitcoin is in this respect the new cryptocurrency for the internet, the internet of money. Investing and trading in bitcoins is getting a lot of traction, particularly in China. It also contributes to the current volitatility of the Bitcoin price, fortunately  Uphold is the fintech solution that protects you and hedges your money against the Bitcoin volalitity. 

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