Facebook slow? Fix it in a couple of simple steps

Facebook slow?
Facebook slow?

Almost everybody has a Facebook profile where they share photos, videos and other stuff. When out of the sudden problems with the Facebook page arises the people are going to ask themselves: why is Facebook slow?

When you thing that Facebook is slow, you must start asking yourself some questions, like for example: are all webpages that I visit slow or only Facebook? Is it always slow or only occasionally?

All websites are slow

In case all websites are slow you do not have a specific Facebook problem. We can categorize the possible cause in two categories: computer performance issues or Adobe Flash Player issues. If all website that you visit are slow, the cause of the problem is high likely your computer. You PC could be infected by a virus or maybe it needs some clean-up or a software upgrade. See the article: computer clean-up for instructions on how to clean a computer that is running slow.

Another factor that can slow down Facebook is the internet plugin Flash Player. Which we are going to discuss in the next chapter.

Flash Player is making Facebook slow

Flash Player is a plugin created by Adobe. This plugin is responsible for showing games and videos in Facebook. So if you have some kind of problem with Flash Player the speed of Facebook will be bad. A good test to determine if Flash Player is damaged is by visiting YouTube. As I discuss in the article: YouTube slow, Flash Player is often the cause of a slow internet. Therefore visit YouTube and see if the videos are shown correctly and that they are loaded fast.

What can you do when Flash Player is making Facebook slow? That is simple: reinstall the plugin. Go to the Adobe web site and download the latest version. Uninstall Flash from your computer and install the version you just downloaded.

If Facebook stays slow, I have to remind you that 90% of PC and internet problems are caused by a lack of Computer maintenance.

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For more tips on how to speed up internet see: why is my internet so slow.

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