Why should I use the Iolo System Mechanic? 


There are many reasons why you should at least test this unique product:

system mechanic review1. Experience and expertise. Iolo has worked on the System Mechanic since 1998 and implemented in this comprehensive pc solution many trade marked and patented innovations. The fact that you are dealing with a quality product is immediately revealed while conducting the PC Health CheckUp diagnostic scan.

Iolo System Mechanic Review2. Excellent performance. The Iolo PC Health CheckUp is a comprehensive quick free diagnostic scan of the System Mechanic divided into 9 different steps. The result is a compresensive report on the most critical errors, vulnerabilities, internet and system clutter that is bugging down your system. The results are based on the Tune-up Definitions™ of Iolo Labs. Iolo Technologies has it own research lab on all possible PC issues and threats.

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System Mechanic is powered by real science.

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Iolo system mechanic reviews3. Real knowledge and research. The Tune-up Definitions™ fuels System Mechanic with over 36,000 separately defined threats to PC performance and stability that allow it to scan, diagnose, repair, and speed-up your computer with laser precision. Tune-up Definitions™ are now provided as weekly updates to System Mechanic, with over 10,000 new definitions added in the last year alone. Based on this expertise Iolo issued a patent. System Mechanic is the only real patented utility software available.

system mechanic review4. Intelligent customizations. Unlike one-size-fits-all “cleaners” or “utilities” that dangerously attempt to apply a single set of fixes to every PC (sometimes causing more harm than good), System Mechanic is able to intelligently adapt to a limitless variety of configurations, installed software, or special environments. This allows it to create a set of personalized tune-up actions custom-tailored for your specific PC–each time you use it! This is a clear and unique reason why you should use the System Mechanic. The System Mechanic has now more than 75 million users!

5. Many tools (with trademarks) included; for example, the System Mechanic NetBooster®:

system mechanic netboosterThe System Mechanic is a battery of 50+ performance and repair tools. One tool in particular is interesting for the readers of this website Slow Internet, the NetBooster®. With a simple step-by-step wizard suited to any technical level, NetBooster makes it easy for you to reach maximum internet performance. And instead of buying an expensive, brand-new computer or opting for pricey cable/DSL upgrades, with NetBooster you can get better web performance out of your existing system and be speeding down the internet highway with just a few clicks. Here you can watch a video on how the NetBooster works:

The NetBooster scan is included in the free System CheckUp!

 Which internet settings are slowing down your internet speed?

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System Mechanic Reviews:

The System Mechanic Reviews are clear in their judgements: System Mechanic is top notch. Two important quotes:

PC Magazine Editors’ Choice 2014

  • System Mechanic awarded the Editors’ Choice Award for the fifth time and praised for its ability to dramatically improve PC performance with real-time resource optimization features. J.L. Wilson of PC Magazine: Iolo System Mechanic 14, our top choice for paid tune-up utilities, is the application to download.

Top10Reviews 2014

  • Chris Snoke of Top10Reviews: System Mechanic also has an upgradable Pro option. System Mechanic Pro has all of the best features of the regular version plus extra antivirus support. System Mechanic earns our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for superior ease of use, effectiveness and a long list of helpful features.

Softonic 2015

  • Chris Park of Softonic: System Mechanic’s optimizations have a noticeable positive impact on performance.

Cnet 2014

  • System Mechanic Pro uses patented technology to restore speed, power, and stability to your PC. It fixes errors, boosts performance, defends against infections, and proactively prevents problems from reoccurring.

All the experts say it, so what do you think about it? Check it out!

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