What is the Mackeeper 3.0 Human Inside?

mackeeper human insideThe Mackeeper Human Inside is a new feature included in the Mackeeper 3.x version released in 2015. Kromtech has worked hard to develop this feature which adds quite some value to the Mackeeper software. In fact, you could consider the Mackeeper now as a hybrid solution in which real Apple techies are at your disposal to help you to get the most out of your mac.

How does the Mackeeper 3 Human Inside work?

It is quite simple. You get a direct connection from your Mackeeper between your Mac and your personal Apple Certified Support Professional. He can scan your Mac for any risky items and fix them remotely. Having a real human expert at your disposal means that even sophisticated problems, which normal scanning software might miss or ignore, can be quickly and easily solved.

  1. Everything starts with a complete system diagnose for junk files, security gaps and performance discrepancies.
  2. Based on the system scan results, MacKeeper creates a report and securely transmits it to the remote Apple certified support technicien.
  3. Your personal Apple Certified Support Professional connects via built-in chat to be ready with answers to all your questions.
  4. Together with you, the expert analyzes the data and reports back to you, explaining every single detail. For more information: Mackeeper Human Inside Infopage!

mackeeper human inside reviewThus, every MacKeeper 3 User Has 24/7 Access To Apple Certified Support Professionals. You can consider them as your personal assistant who has the solution for your technical problem. You can always 24/7 contact them, whether it is a minor annoyance or a catastrophic failure.

What is important to mention is that the Mackeeper is not a simple mac cleaner, it includes a complete Mac antivirus software program. Your personal assistant is also there to help you in case you have a serious malware incident and recover your system in case your files are getting corrupted or deleted! The Mac Human Inside feature does indeed add alot of value for its users.

Here is a recent video presentation on the Mackeeper Human Inside 3.x version on how it saves you precious time:

  Save yourself time and frustration with always a technicien at hand to help you out with your mac!Download & install MacKeeper 3 Human inside

kromtech mackeeper 3.0 in 2015

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