What is the best Mac antivirus software at this moment?

Every mac should have a specific Mac antivirus software program installed. A virus or malware infection slows down a computer system and the internet speed. A slow internet on your mac could be caused by a spyware program that uses the internet connection for transmitting your data files stored on your mac to an external server. Protect your Mac with an excellent program. We recommend you to use the Mackeeper. For more information: Mackeeper Review.

You are not convinced there is a need for Mac antivirus software?

mac antivirus softwareApple has gained a nice piece of the PC market. The launch of the beautifully crafted computers like the Mac Air or Mac Book Pro, have attracted a lot of (often upper end) customers.  Mac market share in wealthy western countries is around 20 percent. When you consider that Macs are expensive, and so their owners tend to be wealthier than the average PC users, they are an attractive target. Criminal organisations specialized in internet crime do understand there is a lot of money to steal and gain from the Mac users segment. Particularly now Windows 8 is a much more secure and harder to infect Operating System, more and more criminal hackers will target mac. There are already many active trojans, rootkits, spyware and drive-by-downloads targeting Mac users.

Here is a tiny list with active Mac malware capable of stealing your files, destroying your internet privacy and damaging your system: Backdoor: OSX/BlackHol.A, Backdoor: OSX/BlackHol.B, Rogue: OSX/FakeMacDef.A, Trojan-Downloader: OSX/FakeMacDef.A, Backdoor: OSX/BlackHol.C, Backdoor: OSX/BlackHol.D, Backdoor: OSX/Olyx.A, Trojan: BASH/Qhost.WB, Trojan: BASH/Qhost.WD, Trojan: OSX/Zweite.ATrojan-Dropper: OSX/Revir.A, Trojan-Downloader: OSX/Revir.A, Backdoor: OSX/Imuler.A, Trojan-Downloader: OSX/Flashback.A, Trojan-Dropper: OSX/Revir.B, Backdoor: OSX/Flashback.A, Trojan-Downloader: OSX/Flashback.B, Trojan-Downloader: OSX/Flashback.C, Backdoor: OSX/Tsunami.A, Backdoor: OSX/DevilRobber.A, Backdoor: OSX/DevilRobber.B (DevilRobberV3).

best mac antivirus softwareAs you probably have noticed, I did not include a virus. Strictly speaking, a virus is a special type of malware. A virus is in general not a a problem for Mac computers. There are no known viruses available that can knock out a Mac operating system. This fact has created the false believe that a Mac does not need Mac antivirus software. If you look strictly at the definition you might agree. Nevertheless, an antivirus program nowadays is much more than virus protection. It should provide a complete internet security solution. Thus, the best mac antivirus software is a program that provides a complete internet security solution for your mac. The best Mac antivirus program which provides a complete internet security solution and other important useful features, is the Mackeeper. More importantly the effectiveness of this Mac antivirus software has been independently documented by AV-Comparatives. I would like to add that we ought to call it a mac anti-malware and internet safety solution. As pointed out earlier, the problem is not virus, but other malware that in particularly targets vulnerabilities in third-party software on your mac to infect the system.

Not convinced yet?

Here follows an interview with the Chief Research Officer of F-Secure on the need of Mac antivirus software.



The Security Advocate also explains it very simple:

 The newly released  MacKeeper 3.0 Human Inside version contains a direct connection with Apple certified professionals that can help you with mac malware removal. For more information: What is the Mackeeper 3?
Even the French publish articles on the need for installing the best mac antivirus software in order to protect your online privacy and safety: Quel est le meilleur antivirus mac? Oh yes, I forgot the Brazilians: Qual é o melhor antivírus para Mac?

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