By buying clean up mac software.  This is the most simple and best solution. There are many mac cleaners available that can help you to clean up your mac. I have reviewed many different mac cleaners with different features and reputation. I made a list where you can find them: What is the best mac cleaner?

2. Clean up mac with an all-in-one software program? Why?

This is a question I often got from my readers. The reason is simple. It is too much work to hassle yourself with all the aspects of cleaning up your mac. If you are not a Mac nerd and are very familiar with the internal operations of your mac, I should not try to waste your time on finding out how you could clean and optimize your slow mac.

clean up mac

Personally, I have changed my opinion on mac cleaners in general and I’m looking into more complete software programs to clean up a mac. Why? Because talking about cleaning a mac is not just about simple junk files, cache, hard disk overload and binary clutter issues. A major threat has gathered strength: mac malware. The rise of malware targeting mac computers is quite worrisome. These days are all mac users advised to install mac antivirus software. The best all-in-one mac software programs include a mac antivirus or internet security module. The best example is the Mackeeper. The Mackeeper contains many different useful tools and features for cleaning and optimizing a mac. You can clean up your mac with the Mackeeper, but also protect it against virus, phishing, spyware and other malware attacks.

3. How to clean up mac of malicious programs and PUP’s. 

clean up macIf you are not a mac expert, I would recommend you use the Mackeeper. Why? Because it includes the option to contact live (human) mac expert support. This is a fantastic option, certain malicious programs, like rootkits are difficult to remove. In case your Mackeeper is not able to remove the malware, you contact the live ‘geek on demand service‘ included in your MacKeeper program. This saves you time and money. You will not be required to contact an other mac specialist to clean up the malware on your mac. You will have to pay him by the hour in order to clean up the mess. You will avoid these additional costs by using the Mackeeper. You can contact the ‘Geek on Demand’ service also in case of other clean up and optimization questions with regards to your mac. That’s why I recommend my readers to test this software program. I made an extensive summary based many different reviews on the Mackeeper, in my article: Mackeeper Reviews. I would recommend you read this article about this complete mac cleaner with antivirus and test the software for free.

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