Fix for a Mac that is running slow

When a Mac is running slow we get frustrated and we are desperate for a solution.

Mac running slow
Mac running slow?

There are several causes and therefore different solutions to fix this problem. As we discuss in the page computer slow (which explains how to solve a slow pc with Windows as OS); for each operating Systems there are different methods to solve a slow computer.
In this page we will provide instructions on how to fix a slow Mac.

Antivirus check: virus makes Mac running slow

Several years ago, people said and believed that the computers made by Apple are free of the risk to get infected by a virus. Nowadays, they know better.
For all operating systems, there are viruses, the more popular the operating system the more viruses are created for them. Mac is getting over the years more and more popular and each time there are more viruses that attack the Mac OSX operating system.

It is therefore very important to have your Mac PC protected.
A infected system makes a mac running slow, and also causes a slow internet Mac.

How do you know if your system is infected?

It is not so hard to find out if a virus or any other malware, like troyans or spyware, infected your Mac. There a special tools, called antivirus software, which are able to detect if a Mac is infected or not.

Instruction to determine if your Mac computer is infected:

  1. Download MacKeeper.
    MacKeeper is an all in one software solution for Apple systems.
    It contains a lot of great features to maintain your Mac healthy and running smoothly. Besides that MacKeeper can detect and remove viruses, it is able to clean the system and fix software errors. And this with a simple mouse click.

    MacKeeper protects and maintains Mac systems
    MacKeeper protects and maintains Mac systems

    Click here to download MacKeeper.

  2. Install Mackeeper
    When the download has finished, open it by double clicking on the setup program called: “MacKeeper.2.1.03.pkg”.
    Follow the instructions on the screen and finish the installation.
  3. Scan for virus and malware
    In MacKeeper click on the option called: ”Antivirus” and press in the section “Scan” on the button “Start custom scan”.

Wait until the scan process has finished. Any detected virus will be reported.
Let MacKeeper remove all the found malware.

Clean up Mac

Besides viruses and other malware, a computer that is not maintained correctly results in a PC with many performance problems. For example, a full and fragmented hard disk makes a mac running slow.
It is therefore very important to keep your Mac clean.
There are two ways to clean up a Mac: doing it manually or automatically, using a mac cleaner.
People with a lot of PC experience often chose to perform all the maintenance task manually, but for most Mac users this is to complicated.

For more information and instructions on how to maintain a Mac system healthy, we recommend the site: clean up mac. A great product is CleanMyMac 2. We wrote an article on it: CleanMyMac 2 Review – Summary of reviews. I would compare this mac utility software with the Mackeeper: MacKeeper review.

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