Internet slow on my Mac

Slow internet MacDo you own a Mac and internet is slow? Than this page can help you to speed up the internet.
To be able to solve a slow internet you first have to understand what the possible causes are.
So we will start by identifying possible causes each possible cause are in depend of the type of operating system (Mountain Lion / Lion or Snow Leopard) you have running on your Mac.

What makes my internet slow on a Mac?

On a computer, many factors determine the speed of internet. Many people think that the internet speed is determined mainly by the contracted internet speed. This is not completely true. You can contract the fastest internet connection available, but if your PC is in a bad shape, internet download speed will slow down drastically.
When, for example, a Mac is infected by a virus or spyware. Internet speed will go down as viruses and spyware consume CPU and memory (RAM). But beside system resources it also uses intensively the internet connection. It uses the internet connection to send information from an infected Mac to a server of the hacker.

Conclusion: A Mac must be clean of virus and malware, if you want to be able to enjoy a fast internet.

How do you know if your PC is infected?

It is very easy to know if your system is infected with a virus. Just open the antivirus software you have installed on your PC and perform a virus scan. An alert is shown when a virus is detected and you will be able to remove it with a simple mouse click.
Do you not have an antivirus software for Mac? Download then MacKeeper. MacKeeper contains many features to keep your Mac healthy. One of those features is a virus scanner.

Download and install MacKeeper and scan your system.
For more information see: MacKeeper.

Besides viruses and malware, the general health of your Mac plays an important role to determine internet speed. A full hard disk for example, slows down the PC performance. When your Mac is running slow everything running on the system is going slow. So also internet.

What can you do to cleanup your system?

Computer clean-up.

Cleaning or better said maintaining a Mac is not easy for everybody.
To be able to keep your Mac healthy you must clean several core elements of the PC and a good understanding of the system is needed.

There are several sites, which explains how you can perform maintenance task on your Mac system. I recommend cleanup Mac. It is written for an audience that have a basic pc knowledge, so it is easy to follow for everybody.

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