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Virgin Media Broadband exclaims to be the number 1 rated broadband provider in the UK. But what does the internet community think of that? And what can you do to solve problems?
One of the most common internet problems is a slow internet. This problem you can have with any internet provider, so it is not a Virgin Media specific problem. So what can you do to if you are dealing with connection or performance problems when you have Virgin Media as provider.

Action list when having problems with Virgin Media Broadband

Check your computer health:
When your computer is running slow, anything running on it will be slow. So also internet will be affected by a poor computer performance. If your computer is mess or is infected by a virus then the cause if to be found there. Virgin Media cannot help you to solve your PC problems.

You I recommend to check always first if the problem is not caused by your computer, before asking for help.

Perform an internet speed test:
When you PC is running fine, but you still have a slow internet, there are several things you can do to find help. But before asking for help it is a good idea to obtain some speed measurements. These measurements you can post with your problem description.
A website where you can measure your internet speed is: Broadband checker.

So where can you ask for help?
Of course the most obvious is on the help or community of Virgin Media. But if you are looking for an independent opinion we recommend the website: Broadband DSL reports.

Broadband DSLReports

On this website you can find not only evaluation of broadband internet providers, see the review of Virgin Media Broadband. But you can also publish your question on one of their forums: Overview forums Broadband DSL reports.

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