Youtube slow

YouTube is one of the most popular website in the world. It is used to see and hear video clips or any other type of video.

YouTube slow
YouTube slow.

Sometimes out of the sudden this portal sites goes very slow. Nothing worse than a song that is interrupted all the time, because YouTube is slow. If you do not how to solve a slow YouTube, the only solution is to put the song on pause and wait until your favourite song is downloaded completely. But this is not a very practical solution. In this article we are going to give you an answer on the question: why is YouTube so slow?

Reasons why YouTube is running slow:

  • Performance problems with the PC
  • Problems with the internet connection
  • Problems with web browser plugins

YouTube is slow caused by the Pc

A lot of problems are caused by an unhealthy computer. With an unhealthy computer we mean a PC which is poor maintained or is infected by a virus. When your computer is running slow, everything that runs on it will have performance issues.
YouTube is running slow? Possible fix.The first step to perform is checking your computers health. Read the article: why is my computer running slow for more information.

Another common factor is that the computer is infected by a virus. Your PC can get easily infected by a virus when you are not using antivirus software on your computer or you are using one of those free antivirus products (which only partially protect your computer).
If you suspect that your computer might be infected by a virus, check your PC with a good anti-virus product like SpyHunter.

YouTube is running slow caused by the internet connection

Sometimes YouTube is running slow because you are watching a video in High Definition. If you have an internet connection with a maximum download speed of 1MB, than you always will have performance problems. The only thing to do is watch the video in low quality.
If you do not know what your download speed is, you can test it here: [speedsite].

But sometimes it is not the fault of your internet provider. On occasions a server of YouTube can be overloaded, too much users at once are connecting. Also here we cannot offer any solution. You will have to wait a while until the server is running normal again.

YouTube slow caused by browser plugins

Flash player is making YouTube slowYou can only see YouTube videos when your browser has installed a specific plugin: Adobe Flash Player. If you do not have yet this plugin, you can download here: Flash Player Plugin.
But there tons of other plugins available. Sometimes plugins are in conflict with each other, or one plug-in causes an error which provokes problems in another. I recommend using in your web browser as less as plugins possible. If you are having problems with YouTube videos, start deactivating all plugins but Flash Player, to see if this fixes your problem. If it doesn´t try to reinstall Flash Player, it is possible that your Flash Player has corrupted or maybe a new version fixes the problems that you are encountering.

If all this tips didn’t work for you, than maybe you are facing a more severe problem.
Check out the article: Why is my internet so slow for more possible solutions.

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