BT broadband problems and solutions

BT Broadband problems.
BT Broadband

Do you have BT as broadband internet provider? Are you suffering specific BT broadband problems? Does British Telecom has specific problems that other provider don’t have?
In this article you will find easy solutions and resources when you are dealing with one of the most frequent internet issue: a slow internet.

Internet is of great fun, while everything is running smoothly. But at the moment that internet is running slow the real problems come to the surface. And in most cases the factor that is slowing down internet is not BT.  In a lot of cases the PC is responsible for slowing down the internet. This can happen when your PC is infected by a virus or needs an urgent clean-up.

So the first thing you should do is perform a computer clean-up.

Solutions for specific BT broadband problems

If you are convinced that you are having a BT specific problem, in other words, you are convinced that the problem has been caused by your internet service provider then I can recommend you the following websites:

  • BT offers expert help
    British Telecom offers several services that enables you to send your problem to one of their specialist. They have support phone, FAQ, customer forums and a lot of manuals.
    BT Online help, Video help, BT forums.

I recommend you to use the BT forum.
Use BT Community to solve BT broadband problems.Here you can get help by experts and by other clients of British Telecom which may have had the same problem as you. They are very fast in answering you and most of the time it is directly the solution for your problem.
Click here and go to the forum.

  • DSLReports
    offers a huge amount of information related to internet, internet providers and problems. I recommend you to use this site when you are facing problems that have nothing to do with your ISP.

Did I you know another great websites that helps to solve BT broadband problems? Please don’t hesitate and leave us a comment. We will evaluate the site and add to this page!

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