How to speed up my computer?

Your computer is getting slower? Worried that you might have a virus on your system?
How to speed up your computerWell do not worry too much! As you can read in the article: slow computer, it is quite normal that a PC is getting slow overtime. This is because a computer needs maintenance and most PC user do not maintain their computer. A clean up job on the computer will often improve the performance (you can find more information on how to clean up a PC in the following article: clean up computer). But you can speed up your pc even more! How and why?
We are going to explain you how to speed up your computer, but before we can give you any explanation you will have to select which operating system your computer is using. Because each OS has other ways to tune up the PC performance.

Select your operating system:

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How to speed up Windows


There are a lot of ways to speed up Windows 7. Why? The main reason is that Microsoft offers Windows as all in one solution. Windows 7 has to work fine for a standard user as for a pc professional. You can understand that a professional (for example a software developer) uses a computer in a totally different way that a normal user, like a student for example.  A professional will need therefore other services and functionalities from Windows than a normal user. In order to satisfy the needs for both professional and normal users, Windows activates by default all services. As each service uses system resources. By deactivating Windows services you not use you will gain in free system resources and will speed up your computer.

This sounds great, but it is not so easy. How do you know which Windows services you can deactivate and which ones not? It is difficult to provide a list of services, as each user uses his computer in a different way. To be able to determine which services can be deactivated you can use a tool, also called tune up software. This kind of software normally does two tasks: clean up your computer, fix errors and analyze the activity services you use. This way the software can provide you a list of services that can be deactivated without any problems.

How to speed up your computer.

We recommend PcKeeper, it is an excellent tune up program. It is very easy to install and easy in use, no computer experience is required. PcKeeper has been awarded several times by its outstanding performance.

Speed up your computer now with PcKeeper
Download and install PcKeeper.

How to speed up my Mac

Also Mac users have the need to speed up their system. Apple pc’s also get slow over time, you can find more information in the article: Why is my Mac running slow.
Mac owners have another good motivation to keep the PC performance up. A Mac computer is a lot more expensive then Windows system and while a Mac runs fast and without problems there is no need to buy a new one.

For Mac we recommend the all in one software solution called MacKeeper. The goal of MacKeeper is to fix errors, maintain the computer, protect against malware and to optimize its performance. Using this software will not only keep your Mac performant, but also will enlarge its life, because as long your system is running fine, there is no need to buy a new one!


You can find more information about MacKeeper on the page: MacKeeper review, or download and install it right away.

Download & install MacKeeper



Uniblue is one of the most established utility software developers and SpeedUpMyPC is their first classical hit.  Uniblue Systems Limited is launched in Malta  in 2003. SpeedUpMyPC and WinBackup are the company’s first products.

uniblue speedupmypc 2014 reviewsUniblue has mainly focused on perfecting SpeedUpMyPC. SpeedUpMyPC has special Uniblue Live Speed Tools and tweaks designed to sharpen up overall system performance. The program will give your PC a lift in performance with immediate gains in speed and responsiveness and multiple optimization features. The core features and optimizations SpeedUpMyPC will do for your PC are the following:

  • Quickly identify and remove Speed Issues, Junk Files and Windows® Registry Errors
  • Live Speed Tools optimize resources for a faster and more responsive PC
  • Clean up fragmented data on your registry
  • Give your bootup process a boost of speed with the PC Startup Optimizer

The system scan is designed to adapt to your specific Windows operating system and computer. This enables the program to check for your specific PC issues – such as certain invalid registry entries – that can impact PC performance.

Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC Reviewsw

Do you want to know what is slowing down your computer?

Click her to set up your free SpeedUpMyPC system scan!

Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC

SpeedUpMyPC is an excellent program and designed with care to perform it tasks. Nevertheless, what are international reviews of established sources writing about this product? Would I buy this product in the light of information and my own knowledge and experience with utility software? This are questions I will address here now.


speedupmypc reviewThere are a lot of SpeedUpMyPC reviews available across the web. The problem is that most of the reviews are on older versions of the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC product. We mainly find reviews on the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2012 version. In general the reviews I read were positive, although there were some more reluctant conclusions.

For example PC Geek HelpDesk gave the following verdict:  The verdict about SpeedUpMyPC is that, it does not do anything out of the ordinary, besides the file shredder option, you can basically do all the things it does with built-in free windows tools. But if you don’t have the knowledge enough to use the built-in windows tools, then buy SpeedUpMyPC.

What’s A Byte conducted a serious test on how the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC software optimizes a slow computer. The verdict was positive: This byte management utility does just what it says it can do. It speeds up your PC. Disk clutter, RAM, CPU and your system settings are all automatically scanned, cleaned and optimized for peak performance. The problem is that the review is mainly based on the 2012 product assessment.

Randolph Estebat of  CNET gave the SpeedUpMyPC 2014 an excellent rating and concluded his review with the following remark: SpeedUpMyPC 2013 is recommended for PCs new and old. So also this major software review and download site, did not update their review.

Computer Opschonen & Software Advies is a Dutch site with a lot of reviews  on utility and antivirus software. Their review on the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC software includes the 2014 version and goes back to the 2010 version! They followed up the development of the product over the years and consider it a great Windows optimization tool. Nevertheless, they recommend their readers to buy a more completer product. A more completer product Uniblue has developed that incorporates all tools, programs and features for computer maintenance is the PowerSuite. The Uniblue PowerSuite 2014 gives you much more value for your money. It includes all the SpeedUpMyPC 2014 software and more: the Uniblue DriverScanner (updating drivers), the Uniblue RegistryCleanerKit (for cleaning the registry) and the Uniblu MaxiDisk ( for hard disk maintenance). This is an important suggestion, I missed from many other reviews I’ve read on the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC software.

Here is a screenshot of the SpeedUpMyPC software:

speedupmypc 2015

Conclusion on the SpeedUpMyPC 2014

uniblue speedupmypc 2014 reviewsIt is an international recognized utility software program. The software optimizes system settings, deletes junk files and improves RAM and CPU function, injecting a new lease of life into a PC therefore reducing the need for expensive hardware updates. This is the core value of the SpeedUpMyPC. If you are looking for this, you do not need to look further. This Uniblue software has already more than 10+ years of a development track record. Uniblue is an established Microsoft Gold Certified Application Developer. Click here to Download SpeedUpMyPC and test the software for your self. Nevertheless, I would recommend you check out the Uniblue PowerSuite, a much more complete alternative, which provides you with more features and tools for complete PC maintenance and optimization. Click here for more information on the Uniblue PowerSuite.

What is your experience and opinion on the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC? You are welcome to share your opinion by commenting or discussing it on our Google+ post:

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How to make your computer faster

How to make your computer faster!Everybody who owns a PC will ask himself sooner or later: how can I make my computer faster?
This is a fact as everyday a more powerful PC is released and during time your computer gets slower caused by software or maintenance issues.

So to make a computer faster we have two ways to achieve this:

1)      PC cleanup
Cleanup the computer, repair software issues.

2)      Optimize computer configuration
Deactivate all services and software you do not use, to optimize your system resources.

How to make your computer faster: Clean up

Cleaning up your computer is your starting point.
It does not make sense to start optimizing configuration without having performed a cleanup.
A healthy PC is the bases for all, if your computer is running slow due to software errors or due to a lack of resources anything running on your computer is going slow.
A good example of that is a slow internet. Lots of people are not aware that a slow internet is often caused by a lack of computer maintenance.

Let us start with the clean-up. For Mac owners, please checkout: Clean up Mac.
For systems with Windows as operating system checkout the page: Slow computer.

Once you have your computer cleaned up and you want even get more performance, then you can start with the computer optimization process.
Both Windows as Mac OS are standardized software packages. It are fit to all products.
This causes your OS is using stuff that you aren’t using, but do consume system resources like RAM and CPU.  So here, we do have a lot of space for improvement.
It is almost an impossible task to optimize your configuration manually. You will need a professional tool speed up a PC. A software that is able to analyze which services can be deactivated, which configuration settings are slowing down and enables you to fix it, with a simple mouse click.

PC faster

For Windows you could try PC SpeedUP.
It is software program specialized in tuning and improving pc and internet speed.
Download PC SpeedUp now.

For Mac users we recommend MacKeeper. Mackeeper is like a swizz knife. It contains not only features to speed up a Mac but also to clean and protect it.
Download MacKeeper here.

With these instructions, we have shown you how to make your computer faster, in an easy way.
Comments and suggestions are welcome!