How to make your computer faster

How to make your computer faster!Everybody who owns a PC will ask himself sooner or later: how can I make my computer faster?
This is a fact as everyday a more powerful PC is released and during time your computer gets slower caused by software or maintenance issues.

So to make a computer faster we have two ways to achieve this:

1)      PC cleanup
Cleanup the computer, repair software issues.

2)      Optimize computer configuration
Deactivate all services and software you do not use, to optimize your system resources.

How to make your computer faster: Clean up

Cleaning up your computer is your starting point.
It does not make sense to start optimizing configuration without having performed a cleanup.
A healthy PC is the bases for all, if your computer is running slow due to software errors or due to a lack of resources anything running on your computer is going slow.
A good example of that is a slow internet. Lots of people are not aware that a slow internet is often caused by a lack of computer maintenance.

Let us start with the clean-up. For Mac owners, please checkout: Clean up Mac.
For systems with Windows as operating system checkout the page: Slow computer.

Once you have your computer cleaned up and you want even get more performance, then you can start with the computer optimization process.
Both Windows as Mac OS are standardized software packages. It are fit to all products.
This causes your OS is using stuff that you aren’t using, but do consume system resources like RAM and CPU.  So here, we do have a lot of space for improvement.
It is almost an impossible task to optimize your configuration manually. You will need a professional tool speed up a PC. A software that is able to analyze which services can be deactivated, which configuration settings are slowing down and enables you to fix it, with a simple mouse click.

PC faster

For Windows you could try PC SpeedUP.
It is software program specialized in tuning and improving pc and internet speed.
Download PC SpeedUp now.

For Mac users we recommend MacKeeper. Mackeeper is like a swizz knife. It contains not only features to speed up a Mac but also to clean and protect it.
Download MacKeeper here.

With these instructions, we have shown you how to make your computer faster, in an easy way.
Comments and suggestions are welcome!