How to make your computer faster

How to make your computer faster!Everybody who owns a PC will ask himself sooner or later: how can I make my computer faster?
This is a fact as everyday a more powerful PC is released and during time your computer gets slower caused by software or maintenance issues.

So to make a computer faster we have two ways to achieve this:

1)      PC cleanup
Cleanup the computer, repair software issues.

2)      Optimize computer configuration
Deactivate all services and software you do not use, to optimize your system resources.

How to make your computer faster: Clean up

Cleaning up your computer is your starting point.
It does not make sense to start optimizing configuration without having performed a cleanup.
A healthy PC is the bases for all, if your computer is running slow due to software errors or due to a lack of resources anything running on your computer is going slow.
A good example of that is a slow internet. Lots of people are not aware that a slow internet is often caused by a lack of computer maintenance.

Let us start with the clean-up. For Mac owners, please checkout: Clean up Mac.
For systems with Windows as operating system checkout the page: Slow computer.

Once you have your computer cleaned up and you want even get more performance, then you can start with the computer optimization process.
Both Windows as Mac OS are standardized software packages. It are fit to all products.
This causes your OS is using stuff that you aren’t using, but do consume system resources like RAM and CPU.  So here, we do have a lot of space for improvement.
It is almost an impossible task to optimize your configuration manually. You will need a professional tool speed up a PC. A software that is able to analyze which services can be deactivated, which configuration settings are slowing down and enables you to fix it, with a simple mouse click.

PC faster

For Windows you could try PC SpeedUP.
It is software program specialized in tuning and improving pc and internet speed.
Download PC SpeedUp now.

For Mac users we recommend MacKeeper. Mackeeper is like a swizz knife. It contains not only features to speed up a Mac but also to clean and protect it.
Download MacKeeper here.

With these instructions, we have shown you how to make your computer faster, in an easy way.
Comments and suggestions are welcome!

What is the best pc speed test?

A lot of people are looking for a PC speed test. The best PC speed test is developed by Paretologic in Canada and involves the installation of a specific program: the PCKeeper. This is complete Windows optimization software and is unique that it checks the internet performance and settings in detail as well and includes human assistance of Microsoft certified techniciens.

Iolo pc speed testRecommended:

A detailled PCKeeper Diagnostic System Scan!

But why are many people looking for such a test? You can define two groups: Best PC speed test computer fanatics who want to squeeze the maximum performance out of their machine and the second group which are people who have a computer with a poor performance and are looking for a solution. So we have divided this article in two parts: PC Tuning and Fix a computer that is running slow. It is important that you when you have a slow computer, that you fix this first. Because tuning of a computer with register errors or any other kind of problems is a waste of time!

PC speed test for slow computers

When your computer is slow you probably don’t need a PC speed test to know that your PC is slow. What you need is a PC health test. A test that indicates where the computer is having problems and how to fix it. A PC speed test only is of help to measure the actual PC performance to compare it once the computer has been tuned. If your computer is running slow, you will need to fix it in order to recover the lost performance. As said earlier a PC health test helps you to analyse your computer.

pc speed performance test For Windows systems: A very thorough test can be performed with the PCKeeper or Regcure Pro software.

If you are not convinced with the results you can test the Regcure Pro. It includes an excellent antivirus scan. This free test gives you an overview of found problems related to the Windows Registry, system driver, malware and hard disk. An other product that has quite a reputation is the System Mechanic of Iolo.

free pc speed test

Download a free PC speed test with Regcure Pro

download spyhunter 4

pc speed test

Do you own a Mac? 

Read the article: Why is my mac Running slow or check out the Mackeeper!

PC speed test to tune up the computer

Are you having an old computer and you want to improve its performance, than a PC speed test can be useful. Or you just want to optimize your computer to the maximum? Than you really should check out a tool like [speedtool]. [speedtool textonly=y] is software program that is capable to speed up a computer in a few clicks. So no hardware upgrades needed.

How is this possible? It is quite simple. The operating System of Windows is a standard package. Everybody gets the same installation; this means that Windows must be practical and useful for everybody. The result of this that in Windows there a lot of Windows services, settings and software programs running that you never use, it is just overhead. And this overhead consumes CPU and memory. By deactivating the overhead, apply an optimized configuration and by using some boost utilities you can win a lot in performance.

Perform a PC Speed Test and boost up your PC.

Download and perform a PC speed test with [speedtool textonly=y] and see how to boost up your computer performance, easy and fast.



P.S. Remember that PC speed issues could be related to almost undetectable spyware programs hiding on your computer, slowing down your internet connection and system performance. Besdies from this, your internet safety and your internet privacy is gone, an illusion. You need a specialist for detecting complex spyware. We recommend the Spyhunter. For more information:

If you suspect your system is infected, please, before conducting a PC speed test, scan your system for spyware.

Would you like to speed up your Android device? This is possible by rooting Android with help of a program. For more information: How can I root Android?