Why is anonymous surfing relevant? 

anonymous surfing tipsAnonymous surfing is a luxury and an important step to protect your online privacy and to enhance your internet security level. The revalations of Snowden about the secret surveillance projects of the NSA and other intelligence agencies showed that our personal rigths for privacy are trambled upon. Internet privacy is just as important as normal day to day privacy. Everybody should respect our right for personal privacy. Not only the NSA likes to profile everybody, all major internet companies and ISP providers like to gather as much data as possible on how people surf, behave and communicate. Based on this information they are able to target advertising to according to specific user profiles. What profile do you belong to? Although less invasive, it is still creepy how every move on the net is being tracked and analyzed. Hackers can accomplish the same with specially crafted malicious software programs and surveillance software. They can pinpoint their attacks better and are more and more succesfull in spreading multimodular malware like ransomware and Banking Trojans. It really makes sense to hide your track, change your IP and surf privately on the internet. Not consider your internet privacy as relevant entails internet safety risks.

What is the best way to accomplish real anonymous surfing?

anonymous surfing tipsThere are many cheesy, half-baked solutions that are supposed to help you to become more safe and anonymous on the internet. In particular, the free proxy lists you could use are riddle with risks and malware booby traps. No, if you really want to do it correclty you will need to invest some money in a good VPN service, like HideMyAss.  This good VPN service provides users with a secure connection over the Internet. Users can connect to a VPN server via a secure tunnel which encrypts all communications that go and out of a users device. When using a VPN, your IP address remains hidden and all the internet traffic going in and out of your device is encrypted. This prevents prying eyes from tracking your online activities and prevents hackers from stealing your sensitive personal information. VPN technology uses a combination of features such as encryption, tunneling protocols, data encapsulation, and certified connections to maintain this secure connection. Using a VPN is one of the best methods for protecting your privacy online, while securing your internet communications at the same time avoiding identity theft and targetted malware attacks. We recommend you use the VPN service of HideMyAss.

Anonymous surfing and internet security:

anonymous surfingAnonymous surfing is only possible if you apply the best internet security measures in order to make sure you do not get infected with malicious programs or keylogger programs of third parties. Before you start to implement your new online surfing strategy, make sure your computer is clean from possible spyware hiding on your system. For more information: spyware removal guide.

Next step is to read our best internet security tips in order to make sure your anonymous surfing experience is optimally secured!

Are you already being tracked and monitored?

Check your PC with the SpyHunter – a real specialist in detecting all malicious and suspicious activities on your computer!

Finally, to complet your efforst you should make use of anonymous email & file sharing and communication services. There are many solutions available. I’m using Unseen, a new initiave for protecting the privacy of their users providing secure and private email, chat and fileshareing services. Also I could recommend the Tor Project. They have many free privacy solutions available and are committed to ensure anonimity in the cyber space stays a possibility. There are many powers conspiring to control the internet and ban out the possibility for surfing anonymous on the web.


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