Emsisoft anti-malware review – how did they managed to create such an amazing malware scanner?

emsisoft anti malware Emsisoft anti-malware, is the brand name of a powerful is a dual-engine malware scanner made by the the  inovative Austrian security software company Emsisoft.  Emsisoft’s headquarter is in a small village in the Alpes,  Thalgau. This is not really very imporant, because the key developpers are living in different countries and work together in a virtual office. Not so strange, because the company is still quite new on the market and started off as  an association of malware researches interested who aimed at providing better protection against Internet threats. They followed already followed the highly successful projects Anti-Trojan, ANTS and YAW. On December 10th 2003, the first version of their new product a-squared (a²) was published. A-Squared was Emsisoft Anti-Malware’s predecessor. Emsisoft focused all of their efforts in developing the first dual-malware scanner in the world. This took another 5 years before they achieved their goal. But the subsequent results were amazing.

emsisoft anti malware reviewSince then the Emsisoft Anti-Malware received multiple awards: AV-Comparatives Advanced+, VirusBulletin VB100, MRG-Effitas #1, COMSS.RU #1, AVLab.PL #1. This is a very remarkle achievement. Emsisoft is one of the top security software developpers, but with only the fraction of resources.  Of course Emsisoft has all the important certifications and is a Microsoft Certified Partner and an OPSWAT Gold Partner. Particularly 2013 has been very successful Emsisoft anti-malware 8.0 scored 100% in AV-Comparatives real-time protection tests and MRG-Effitas online banking tests, got a first place in COMSS.TV antivirus test as well and received the highest possible certification in the AVLAB.PL performance test. Finally this amazing anti-malware software got a full score at VirusBulletin and received a  VB100 award both in 2013 and 2014.

emsisoft anti malware 9.0The current Emsisoft anti-malware 9.0 software is an excellent, super powerful dual malware scanner. You could compare it with the Hitman Pro of SurfRight. Surfright is as well a very innovative security software company. The advantage Emsisoft has is the fact it has a tactical technological partnership with Bitdefender. Bitdefender and Kaspersky are amongst the best security software brands and score always very high in comparative tests.  Nevertheless, the Emsisoft Anti-Malware 9.0 software is much cheaper!

Recommended: please add the Emsisoft Emergency Kit. This contains a collection of programs that can be used without software installation to scan for malware and clean infected computers: Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner, Emsisoft Commandline Scanner and Emsisoft BlitzBlank. It scans effectively the infected PC for Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Worms, Dialers, Keyloggers, Rootkits and other malicious programs. It is a tool comparable to the Hitman Pro Kickstart Module.  It is an ideal tool if you are dealing with a ransomware indicent, for example the infamous Department of Justice Virus. In that case the Emergency Kit can help you to remove this ransomware quickly. So in case of an emergency it is an handy addition.

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The power of Hitman Pro!

hitman pro reviewSurfRight is one of the most innovative Dutch security software companies that made for itself a big name with the Hitman Pro. The Hitman Pro is a brave little anti-malware fellow for everybody struggling with a malware incident.  This Hitman Pro Review will discuss how many computer users have underestimated this fantastic malware scanner. Normally, most users get acquinted with the Hitman Pro on recommendation of a technicien during a malware or spyware removal procedure.  This is not so strange, because SurfRight has no real marketing budget and does not really market their product. This malware removal program is not about words, but about deeds. It reminds me about the SpyHunter 4, also a more relatively unkown program, but extremely effective in doing its work: detecting and removing the most difficult modulair malware effectivly.

A Hitman Pro Review based on some impressive deeds?

Surfright Himan Pro 31. During a comparative Malware Detection Test of AV-TEST HitmanPro scored “100”! According to Maik Morgenstern, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of AV-TEST:  “The static (Zoo) detection rate of HitmanPro is far above the industry average. The static detection of prevalent malware was also flawless. Both the detection and the remediation of active components is equal to the industry average. The remediation of further components is better than the industry average. Summarized, the product showed results that were superior to the industry average for the tested criteria.”

2. Hitman Pro has been a favorite of many institutions and chosen by Botfrei, the German Anti-Botnet-Advisory Centre supported by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), by cyscon GmbH and endorsed by Vodafone GmbH as the solution of choice to harden computers against malware attacks and last year by the FBI during “Operation Ghost Click” as an ideal solution to rescue millions of PCs from the DNSChanger Trojan. Hitman Pro is extremely effective in detecting complex modular malware like ransomware and rootkits. It contains a very good rootkit scanner. A concrete example is the US Department of Justice Virus.

3. Hitman Pro is the ideal solution in case of a ransomware incident. You can complement it with the HitmanPro.Kickstart, a solution that enables users to easily remove ransomware that holds their computer hostage. Ransomware, like the Reveton FBI virus, typically poses as a popup window on your screen which claims to come from a law enforcement agency and accuses the user of visiting illegal websites. The screen is frozen and the message reads that it will be unlocked only on payment of a fine via Ukash, MoneyPak or Paysafecard. Cyber criminals have found ransomware to be a very lucrative method of extorting money from innocent users and the number of computers held hostage by ransomware is growing day by day. According to Mark Loman, CEO of Surfright: “Removing ransomware infections has proven to be too complicated for the majority of computer users, there are many rescue CDs on the market but all boot into an unfamiliar environment and require a lot of manual intervention. The usage of these CDs is too difficult for most users and they risk damaging their PC if they do something wrong.” This problem is now over. “HitmanPro.Kickstart will start the ransomed computer in their own familiar Microsoft Windows environment, bypassing the ransomware, and will then guide the user through the removal process. No complicated manual tasks are required. It is so easy, even your Granny is now able to free your computer from ransomware, fake antiviruses and other persistent malware.” This is an impressive fact and achievement of SurfRight! Here you can see the HitmanPro in action removing ransomware:

Do you have malware on your computer?
Buy Hitman Pro and scan your system!
hitman pro
4. Hitman Pro provides you the best internet security and if you still are doubting about this fact you should know that this program rescued many anti-virus programs from a malware attack! The Hitman Pro has helped many anti-virus programs by detecting and removing the ZeroAccess Trojan. The ZeroAccess malware famliy (aka ZAccess/Sirefef/Max++) was able to inject a deadly payload into antivirus products and as such disabling  their capability in detecting this malware! Many antivirus programs in particular Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender stopped functioning without the users noticing it. Thanks to the Hitman Pro the ZeroAccess malware could be detected and removed of the infected computers. Quite an achievement that the brave little Hitman Pro rescued Microsoft’s antivirus products! Here you can see it for yourself on this Youtube video:

How should I use the Hitman Pro?

hitman pro second opinion malware scannerMost antivirus programs and internet security suites are not able to detect all malware. You are never 100 % secured against all possible attack vectors and new malware species, mutations and variations. For example, banking Trojans are very difficult to detect, even with up-to-date antivirus software. This is because the attackers use custom-engineered binary obfuscation (polymorphism), cloaking and other armoring techniques to evade detection the first few days. To maximize the effectiveness of their campaign they test each specially crafted malware sample against antivirus products. That’s why everybody should use a second-opinion malware scanner.

Hitman Pro should be used as a second opinion scanner, designed to rescue your computer from malware (viruses, trojans, rootkits, etc.) that have infected your computer despite all the security measures you have taken (such as anti virus software, firewalls, etc.).  Just relying on a single vendor is not sufficient to completely protect you. You do need a second source to make sure you are secure. But in most cases, installing a second anti virus program is not a viable solution. Two programs are effecting the performance of the computer dramatically, and sometimes even conflict causing the computer to crash. HitmanPro is designed to work alongside existing security programs without any conflicts.

Is the Hitman Pro expensive?

No, this program is really cheap if you think about the quality you get. For 29,95 Euro you have 3 computers secured for 1 year. So you get 3 licenses and such you pay not even 10 Euro for each computer. For less than 1 Euro per month you have the best second-opinion malware scanner at your disposal! Click here for your offer! 

You can also buy a HitmanPro Incident License you only use when there is an incident. It will rescue your computers from persistent viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and other malicious software, that infected your computers despite the security measures you have taken (like antivirus software, web filters, etc.) Every time when the product key is activated, the license is valid for 3 days – ideal to stop a cyber-incident or outbreak.  You can deploy these prepaid licenses when necessary. A pack of 25 of these licenses costs you 178,- EURO. For more information: Hitman Pro License Pack!

Is there a Hitman Pro for mac available?

No, there is no version for mac users availble. If you have a mac and are looking for a good solution you should read the following article: Best Mac Antivirus Software!

What is your opinion on the Hitman Pro? Do you have a personal Hitman Pro Review to share with us? Join the conversation on our Google+ Hitman Pro Review post.

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Why is anonymous surfing relevant? 

anonymous surfing tipsAnonymous surfing is a luxury and an important step to protect your online privacy and to enhance your internet security level. The revalations of Snowden about the secret surveillance projects of the NSA and other intelligence agencies showed that our personal rigths for privacy are trambled upon. Internet privacy is just as important as normal day to day privacy. Everybody should respect our right for personal privacy. Not only the NSA likes to profile everybody, all major internet companies and ISP providers like to gather as much data as possible on how people surf, behave and communicate. Based on this information they are able to target advertising to according to specific user profiles. What profile do you belong to? Although less invasive, it is still creepy how every move on the net is being tracked and analyzed. Hackers can accomplish the same with specially crafted malicious software programs and surveillance software. They can pinpoint their attacks better and are more and more succesfull in spreading multimodular malware like ransomware and Banking Trojans. It really makes sense to hide your track, change your IP and surf privately on the internet. Not consider your internet privacy as relevant entails internet safety risks.

What is the best way to accomplish real anonymous surfing?

anonymous surfing tipsThere are many cheesy, half-baked solutions that are supposed to help you to become more safe and anonymous on the internet. In particular, the free proxy lists you could use are riddle with risks and malware booby traps. No, if you really want to do it correclty you will need to invest some money in a good VPN service, like HideMyAss.  This good VPN service provides users with a secure connection over the Internet. Users can connect to a VPN server via a secure tunnel which encrypts all communications that go and out of a users device. When using a VPN, your IP address remains hidden and all the internet traffic going in and out of your device is encrypted. This prevents prying eyes from tracking your online activities and prevents hackers from stealing your sensitive personal information. VPN technology uses a combination of features such as encryption, tunneling protocols, data encapsulation, and certified connections to maintain this secure connection. Using a VPN is one of the best methods for protecting your privacy online, while securing your internet communications at the same time avoiding identity theft and targetted malware attacks. We recommend you use the VPN service of HideMyAss.

Anonymous surfing and internet security:

anonymous surfingAnonymous surfing is only possible if you apply the best internet security measures in order to make sure you do not get infected with malicious programs or keylogger programs of third parties. Before you start to implement your new online surfing strategy, make sure your computer is clean from possible spyware hiding on your system. For more information: spyware removal guide.

Next step is to read our best internet security tips in order to make sure your anonymous surfing experience is optimally secured!

Are you already being tracked and monitored?

Check your PC with the SpyHunter – a real specialist in detecting all malicious and suspicious activities on your computer!

Finally, to complet your efforst you should make use of anonymous email & file sharing and communication services. There are many solutions available. I’m using Unseen, a new initiave for protecting the privacy of their users providing secure and private email, chat and fileshareing services. Also I could recommend the Tor Project. They have many free privacy solutions available and are committed to ensure anonimity in the cyber space stays a possibility. There are many powers conspiring to control the internet and ban out the possibility for surfing anonymous on the web.


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How can I get the best internet security for myself?

The internet is not a safe place and thinking about the best internet security measures you can take for yourself is important. In this article I will discuss a few important internet security tips I would like to share with my readers.

1. Is it sufficent to have the best internet security software? 

best internet securityThe best internet security is not just a question of buying the best internet security software. Identity theft and internet privacy are not optimally protected. Internet privacy and internet security are linked. When you take steps to improve your internet privacy you are not an easy victim. Nobobody can track you! According to me, one of the most important steps to get the best internet security for yourself is by acquiring a VPN service solution. A VPN service enhances your internet safety and enables you to surf anominously. VPN software encrypts your data, giving you total privacy online. A very easy to use, excellent VPN service provider is HideMyAss. I think this is a first important step in order to get the best internet security for yourself. Just in case, please do not use these free proxy lists. They entail grave risks for malware infections. Avoid public Wifi networks.  I would Hide My Ass from possible hackers and malware programs by surfing through an encrypted tunnel. Read more here: HideMyAss VPN service!

2. What is the best internet security software I could use?

best internet security softwareOf course, the installation of  great internet security solution is a necessary step. This is applicable for Mac systems as well. Mac users should also invest in an internet security solution. The MacKeeper is a complete all-in-one software solution developped for the optimization and the protection of mac computers. It even has data encryption, file eraser and anti-theft technology included. For Windows systems I would recommend the PCKeeper. The PCKeeper is as well a complete all-in-one software solution for internet security and system optimization. The above mentioned software solutions clean the systems as well. You can consider them as Swiss army knifes full of extra functionalities you will not get in more expensive products of regular AV-brands.

3. Before your start implementing the best internet security measures, always double check!

best internet security tipsBesides from installing an internet security solution with system cleaning and optimization features, you should make sure your system is clean of possible malware infections. In particular spyware is difficult to detect and it is always recommended to use a second-opinion malware scanner. A specialist is the SpyHunter. Why should I do this? If you did not take these measures before, you might have been infected through known security leaks (vulnerabilities) in your software programs. For example, if you are browsing with a vulnerable browser, this vulnerability could be immediately exploited by a drive-by-download hidden on a comprised website. Most standard virusscanners are not able to detect all specific malware variations. Your system could be infected without you and your virusscanner noticing it. That’s why it is always wise to scan your system a second time with an other indepedent malware revomal specialist. For more concrete instructions you are welcome to read our Spyware Removal Guide.

4. Implement always your software security updates!

best internet security measuresThis brings us to our best internet security tip and measure you should take. Please, install the Secunia Personal Software Inspector. This is a free security tool which assists you in making sure all your applications and software programs installed on your computer are up-to-date. The Secunia PSI ensures your programma’s are not vulnerable anymore. This is a very important pre-emptive internet security measure which will make sure hidden malware programs on websites are not able to attack your computer. For more information: Secunia Personal Software Inspector.

5. Your own actions and knowledge. Do not open attachments and video’s!

best internet security packageYou have to be very careful when you receive attachments in your mail or chat box. Only open files from people you know and trust. That’s why you have to check the an anti-spam solution of your e-mail provider. Never open spam and scam emails or click on their links. Be aware of phishing attacks where you receive suspicious messages of your ‘bank’. Learn about the risk online and try to avoid them as much as you can. Because in the end the best internet security measure you can take is by educating yourself about the risks and tricks cybercriminals use to trap their victims. I would recommend you read the Internet Security Tips and articles of CERT-US. This is a Department of Homeland Security’s United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT). It leads efforts to improve the nation’s cybersecurity posture, coordinate cyber information sharing, and proactively manage cyber risks. For more information: Best Internet Security Tips.

Here is a funny video presentation on how you can get the best internet security measures in place:

Is your internet security comprimised by spyware activities?

Check your system with the SpyHunter 4!

internet security certification
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What is the best Mac antivirus software at this moment?

Every mac should have a specific Mac antivirus software program installed. A virus or malware infection slows down a computer system and the internet speed. A slow internet on your mac could be caused by a spyware program that uses the internet connection for transmitting your data files stored on your mac to an external server. Protect your Mac with an excellent program. We recommend you to use the Mackeeper. For more information: Mackeeper Review.

You are not convinced there is a need for Mac antivirus software?

mac antivirus softwareApple has gained a nice piece of the PC market. The launch of the beautifully crafted computers like the Mac Air or Mac Book Pro, have attracted a lot of (often upper end) customers.  Mac market share in wealthy western countries is around 20 percent. When you consider that Macs are expensive, and so their owners tend to be wealthier than the average PC users, they are an attractive target. Criminal organisations specialized in internet crime do understand there is a lot of money to steal and gain from the Mac users segment. Particularly now Windows 8 is a much more secure and harder to infect Operating System, more and more criminal hackers will target mac. There are already many active trojans, rootkits, spyware and drive-by-downloads targeting Mac users.

Here is a tiny list with active Mac malware capable of stealing your files, destroying your internet privacy and damaging your system: Backdoor: OSX/BlackHol.A, Backdoor: OSX/BlackHol.B, Rogue: OSX/FakeMacDef.A, Trojan-Downloader: OSX/FakeMacDef.A, Backdoor: OSX/BlackHol.C, Backdoor: OSX/BlackHol.D, Backdoor: OSX/Olyx.A, Trojan: BASH/Qhost.WB, Trojan: BASH/Qhost.WD, Trojan: OSX/Zweite.ATrojan-Dropper: OSX/Revir.A, Trojan-Downloader: OSX/Revir.A, Backdoor: OSX/Imuler.A, Trojan-Downloader: OSX/Flashback.A, Trojan-Dropper: OSX/Revir.B, Backdoor: OSX/Flashback.A, Trojan-Downloader: OSX/Flashback.B, Trojan-Downloader: OSX/Flashback.C, Backdoor: OSX/Tsunami.A, Backdoor: OSX/DevilRobber.A, Backdoor: OSX/DevilRobber.B (DevilRobberV3).

best mac antivirus softwareAs you probably have noticed, I did not include a virus. Strictly speaking, a virus is a special type of malware. A virus is in general not a a problem for Mac computers. There are no known viruses available that can knock out a Mac operating system. This fact has created the false believe that a Mac does not need Mac antivirus software. If you look strictly at the definition you might agree. Nevertheless, an antivirus program nowadays is much more than virus protection. It should provide a complete internet security solution. Thus, the best mac antivirus software is a program that provides a complete internet security solution for your mac. The best Mac antivirus program which provides a complete internet security solution and other important useful features, is the Mackeeper. More importantly the effectiveness of this Mac antivirus software has been independently documented by AV-Comparatives. I would like to add that we ought to call it a mac anti-malware and internet safety solution. As pointed out earlier, the problem is not virus, but other malware that in particularly targets vulnerabilities in third-party software on your mac to infect the system.

Not convinced yet?

Here follows an interview with the Chief Research Officer of F-Secure on the need of Mac antivirus software.



The Security Advocate also explains it very simple:

 The newly released  MacKeeper 3.0 Human Inside version contains a direct connection with Apple certified professionals that can help you with mac malware removal. For more information: What is the Mackeeper 3?
Even the French publish articles on the need for installing the best mac antivirus software in order to protect your online privacy and safety: Quel est le meilleur antivirus mac? Oh yes, I forgot the Brazilians: Qual é o melhor antivírus para Mac?

Why do you think you need or do not need mac antivirus software? Share your opinion on our Google+ post:

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What to think about the SpyHunter 4 antispyware software?

SpyHunterI had some doubts about the SpyHunter. The SpyHunter Malware Security Suite is published by Enigma Software. Although the SpyHunter is growing in popularity, is the publisher relatively veiled in obscurity. Enigma is not a typical antivirus brand name and has not an established, impeccable track record like Kaspersky. Enigma Software has been accused of conducting aggressive advertising and has not issued the SpyHunter 4 for testing at AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. These facts are potentially problematic for the credibility of the SpyHunter spyware removal software. But the competition is fierce and competitors are known for conducting smear campaigns. So we should be careful to judge to fast. Let’s discuss this further in this Spyhunter review….

So, why is SpyHunter 4 very interesting? Why should I test it? 

spyhunter reviewSpyHunter’s popularity is based on some interesting facts. The SpyHunter is indeed a specialist and it does much more than just fuction as one of the best spyware removers. It is a complete antimalware and internet security package. In this respect, comparable with a complete internet security suite of a top-brand. SpyHunter is very effective in removing one of the most complex forms of malware: rootkits and ransomware. Rootkits are capable of avoiding detection by manipulating the operating system at base level and file encryption tactics. The SpyHunter is in deed one of the few specialist that is able to detect, obstruct and remove the activities of rootkits. Most antivirus products do not provide sufficient protection against rootkits and are not able to detect them, the SpyHunter does indeed an impressive job. Ransomware locks your computer and forces you to pay money in order to regain access.

spyhunter malware securitySpyHunter is Checkmark Certified by West Coast Labs and holds the Platinum Product Award. To receive this level of West Coast Labs validation means that SpyHunter has performed well in various tests that show what it can do, in benchmarking tests as well as real-world testing over time. Engima seems to have matured so that the SpyHunter is no longer considered rogue or suspect. According to Enigma Software the reputation of the company and software have been under attack. Misinformation on the internet with regards to Engima has created some problems for initial credibility of the SpyHunter antimalware software. According to me, Enigma Software has a point and the SpyHunter is indeed a very interesting alternative. I would consider my readers to use this software as a ‘second-opinion’ malware scanner, in particular if you are not using a premium internet security solution of a top publisher like Kasperky or Bitdefender.

spyhunter 4Another positive point is with regards to SpyHunter is the excellent support. SpyHunter does not claim that it can remove all types of rootkits, but provides remote removal support. Technicians can take remote control of your computer and eliminate the pest. This is a service which almost no other publisher provides.  It is an important added value that can save you a lot of money and time in case you are dealing with a complex malware like rootkits or even worse ransomware.

why is my internet so slow

Does my computer contain a rootkit or other malware? 

Recommended: free PC diagnose with SpyHunter  

download spyhunter 4

Spyhunter is OPSWAT Certified

SpyHunter 4 Testimonials?

spyhunter rewards

Looking for local and international SpyHunter Reviews? I have looked some up and yes, SpyHunter has received many excellent reviews on different sites in many countries. The most famous media channels that mention the force of the SpyHunter software are CNN, Forbes, Cnet, PC World, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, ZDnet….etc. But also smaller blogs in countries like Spain ¿Cómo funciona SpyHunter?, Brasil SpyHunter 4 France Critique de SpyHunter , Holland SpyHunter Recensie and Italy SpyHunter 4  make mention of this software. Also on Youtube you can find many reviews on the SpyHunter. 

Here is an example of a Youtube video that shows how the SpyHunter is able to find and remove the notorious FBI ransomware:

download spyhunter 4Spyhunter 4 review
Conclusion of this Spyhunter Review:

Enigma Software has published a very, very powerful malware security tool that is able to detect and remove the most complex malware forms. We hope the SpyHunter soon will be tested by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives so we can see how the SpyHunter compares exactly with the top of the line of the security software spectrum. I would like to know if  the Spyhunter can compete with KasperskyI’m still using Kaspersky’s software as my standard protection and I use the SpyHunter as a second-opinion malware scanner. Anyhow, the software has a vast amount of great media references and testimonials. Despite the initial hesitation, I definitely can recommend you to test the SpyHunter on your on system and use it as a second-opinion malware scanner. Something I forget to mention is that the SpyHunter is extremely effective in detecting and removing all kinds of adware.  Learn here more about the SpyHunter.


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The importance of the Secunia PSI and OSI

Why should I use the Secunia PSI or OSI?

Secunia Online Software InspectorBefore I write about the Secunia PSI or Secunia OSI, I will explain something about Secunia. Secunia is a security company committed to protect consumers online and improve their internet security level and awareness. Since 2003 this innovative Danish company has distributed their very valuable vendor independent vulnerability intelligence for free in order to improve awareness about the risks about vulnerabilities.

In these days, internet security and malware issues have only become more complex and super powers are developing cyber warfare units while hacker groups like Anonymous are active to exploit vulnerabilities in order to hack systems, the need for online security and protection against the exploitation of vulnerabilities is undeniable important for everybody with a computer. It is one of the best internet security tip I could give to my readers.

Thanks to the efforts of Secunia we can enjoy a very simple online security tool for scanning your system for the most common vulnerabilities. This online security scanner is called the  OSI = Online Software Inspector . It will check if your PC has a minimum security baseline against knows patched vulnerabilities. We strongly recommend you to check your computer now with help of the Online Software Inspector or the PSI, the Personal Software Inspector.

What are the advantages of the Secunia OSI?

  • The OSI is extremely simple to use, it runs through your browser, this means you do not need to install software on your computer, saving you system resources.
  • The OSI checks if you system has all Microsoft patches implemented.
  • The OSI assists you in updating and patching your system.
  • The OSI check in total 100 programs on vulnerabilities and missing patches.

What is a disavantage of the Secunia OSI?

Secunia OSIThe OSI is an online security scanner which is not able to detect and verify all installed programs on your computer. In order to improve your security level and also to implement your patches automatically, you would need a more complete version of the OSI. This solution is called the Personal Software Inspector. The Personal Software Inspector is completely Free of Charge! Secunia has dedicated a lot of time and resources in order to develop this fantastic software everybody ought to use.

Therefore, if you are satisfied with the OSI, we recommend you to download the PSI from the website of Secunia: Secunia Personal Software Inspector.

How  does the Secunia PSI work? 

The Secunia PSI is a non-intrusive security tool. It works by examining files on your computer (primarily .exe, .dll, and .ocx files). These files contain non-specific meta information provided by the software vendor only. This data is the same for all users, and originates from the installed programs on your computer – never from their configuration.

After examining all the system files on the local hard drive(s), the collected data is sent to Secunia’s servers, which match the data against the Secunia File Signatures engine (https://psi.secunia.com/) to determine the exact applications installed on your system.

The Secunia PSI is the most complete and simple solution for assessing the security patch state of software installed on your computer. The Secunia PSI constantly checks your computer for insecure software installations, notifies you when an insecure application is installed, and is even able to roll out the patches on your computer. The Secunia is a must have tool for the improvement of internet security level of your computer and internet privacy.

Support the Online Security Level of everybody and share this page with your friends!

TIP: do not make use of a proxy list and surf the internet securely by means of a personal VPN software solution. Make sure your computer is not infected by malware. For more information: