How can I get the best internet security for myself?

The internet is not a safe place and thinking about the best internet security measures you can take for yourself is important. In this article I will discuss a few important internet security tips I would like to share with my readers.

1. Is it sufficent to have the best internet security software? 

best internet securityThe best internet security is not just a question of buying the best internet security software. Identity theft and internet privacy are not optimally protected. Internet privacy and internet security are linked. When you take steps to improve your internet privacy you are not an easy victim. Nobobody can track you! According to me, one of the most important steps to get the best internet security for yourself is by acquiring a VPN service solution. A VPN service enhances your internet safety and enables you to surf anominously. VPN software encrypts your data, giving you total privacy online. A very easy to use, excellent VPN service provider is HideMyAss. I think this is a first important step in order to get the best internet security for yourself. Just in case, please do not use these free proxy lists. They entail grave risks for malware infections. Avoid public Wifi networks.  I would Hide My Ass from possible hackers and malware programs by surfing through an encrypted tunnel. Read more here: HideMyAss VPN service!

2. What is the best internet security software I could use?

best internet security softwareOf course, the installation of  great internet security solution is a necessary step. This is applicable for Mac systems as well. Mac users should also invest in an internet security solution. The MacKeeper is a complete all-in-one software solution developped for the optimization and the protection of mac computers. It even has data encryption, file eraser and anti-theft technology included. For Windows systems I would recommend the PCKeeper. The PCKeeper is as well a complete all-in-one software solution for internet security and system optimization. The above mentioned software solutions clean the systems as well. You can consider them as Swiss army knifes full of extra functionalities you will not get in more expensive products of regular AV-brands.

3. Before your start implementing the best internet security measures, always double check!

best internet security tipsBesides from installing an internet security solution with system cleaning and optimization features, you should make sure your system is clean of possible malware infections. In particular spyware is difficult to detect and it is always recommended to use a second-opinion malware scanner. A specialist is the SpyHunter. Why should I do this? If you did not take these measures before, you might have been infected through known security leaks (vulnerabilities) in your software programs. For example, if you are browsing with a vulnerable browser, this vulnerability could be immediately exploited by a drive-by-download hidden on a comprised website. Most standard virusscanners are not able to detect all specific malware variations. Your system could be infected without you and your virusscanner noticing it. That’s why it is always wise to scan your system a second time with an other indepedent malware revomal specialist. For more concrete instructions you are welcome to read our Spyware Removal Guide.

4. Implement always your software security updates!

best internet security measuresThis brings us to our best internet security tip and measure you should take. Please, install the Secunia Personal Software Inspector. This is a free security tool which assists you in making sure all your applications and software programs installed on your computer are up-to-date. The Secunia PSI ensures your programma’s are not vulnerable anymore. This is a very important pre-emptive internet security measure which will make sure hidden malware programs on websites are not able to attack your computer. For more information: Secunia Personal Software Inspector.

5. Your own actions and knowledge. Do not open attachments and video’s!

best internet security packageYou have to be very careful when you receive attachments in your mail or chat box. Only open files from people you know and trust. That’s why you have to check the an anti-spam solution of your e-mail provider. Never open spam and scam emails or click on their links. Be aware of phishing attacks where you receive suspicious messages of your ‘bank’. Learn about the risk online and try to avoid them as much as you can. Because in the end the best internet security measure you can take is by educating yourself about the risks and tricks cybercriminals use to trap their victims. I would recommend you read the Internet Security Tips and articles of CERT-US. This is a Department of Homeland Security’s United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT). It leads efforts to improve the nation’s cybersecurity posture, coordinate cyber information sharing, and proactively manage cyber risks. For more information: Best Internet Security Tips.

Here is a funny video presentation on how you can get the best internet security measures in place:

Is your internet security comprimised by spyware activities?

Check your system with the SpyHunter 4!

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