Why is my computer so slow?

why is my computer so slow?Why is my computer so slow? We got this question often in our comments section, so we are dedicating a reference article on this subject. When I asked myself this question Why is my computer so slow? for the first time, I did not have much understanding of computers at that point. It were the days that virus issues became a big deal. My computer was infected, pleas do’nt laugh, with the Pikachu virus, sometimes referred to as Pokey Virus. It was a really silly virus geared at children due to its incorporation of Pikachu from the Pokémon series. I got it in the form of an e-mail titled “Pikachu Pokemon [sic]” with the subject “Pikachu is your friend.” There was an attachment included and of course I opened it ) : As a consequence my computer was infected and became slow.
Here we have a first answer on the question – Why is my computer so slow?: malware infections!
The Pikachu was quite an innocent virus compared to what we are confronted with theses days on the internet. The increase of particularly spyware is quite troublesome. Spyware is developped in order to avoid detection and has many tricks in its sleaves to fool antivirus products. In fact, well developped spyware has many components as well and should be called modular malware. Potentially, it could do many different stuff on your computer, without you noticing it, like installing a keylogger or a rootkit and turning it into a so called zombie computer. A zombie computer is completely under the control of a hacker and organized in networks in order to attack on a certain time a certain target, for example a bank. Anyhow, many people are working on a slow computer because as soon as it connects to the internet it is communicating with the server of the hacker. For example, spyware could share all privacy sensitive data with the server of the hacker in search for credit card details and other details that would enable a cybercriminal to steal some real cash. If there is nothing to find, the cyber criminal might decide to install a ransomware program to lock your computer and force you to pay a X sum of money in order to get your computer unlocked.
why is my computer so slow Is your internet slow and does your computer slow down in perfomance as soon it connects to the internet? To be honest, almost all users underestimate the risks and overestimate their own situation. Did you know that most antivirus products are completely inadequate to protect you from all possible malware attacks on the internet? It is strongly recommended to use a second-opinion malware scanner in order to double check if your slow computer has no spyware or rootkits active on your system.
Double check your system with the SpyHunter or the Hitman Pro. These programs are real specialists and have a proven track record as excellent spyware removal tools and rootkit scanners. Forget not to invest in the best internet security for protecting yourself online. We are these days completely dependent on the internet and your computers. Cybercriminals know this and operate international to earn money on us as possible malware victims. Are you using a mac? Then I would recommend you read my article on mac antivirus software.

2. Why is my computer so slow?: you did not take care of it!

Besides possible malware infections,there could be less problematic issues at the root of your problem with your computer. The question why is my computer so slow? is raised because of frustration about not knowing what is causing this system slow down. The computer is a complex mixture of apps, software and hardware with some set limitations on performance and bandwith. All the diferent hardware and software components need to communicate effictely with eachother. The problem is that software vendors are regularly forcing us to update software components that might effect the communication with for example hardware components. Here we have the so called software driver issues. Outdated drivers might be responsible for why your computer is so slow. This in combination with bloathed hard disks and stuffed internet browers and too many active programs claiming all your system resources could easily slow down your computer.
why is my pc so slow?It is not easy to know what exaclty is causing the problem. Therefore have many software companies worked on the development of complete utility software programs for analysing slow computers. The reason I bring this up is that on the internet there are many different programs available that deal only with 1 possible cause for a slow system. For example, the Windows registry could be riddled with obsolete and corrupt registry keys after a malware indicent. To repair and clean the Windows registry would have a great impact on system performance and stability. Nevertheless, we only have dealed with one compontent of your computer, a damaged registry. What about the fragmented hard disk that is causing slow downs? Are you going to buy a registry cleaner and a driver cleaner seperately? What about your updated drivers? Are you going to wait with this problem and buy a driver scanner when the problem is more prevelant? No, of course not, we shoud invest in a complete all-in-one program for cleaning, optimizing and repairing all components of your computer. I did a lot of research on finding all-in-one computer care programs developped by Microsoft Certified Vendors. Here is my list of the best programs availble. I would recommend you download one of these to check your computer on issues and errors that are slowing down your system.


Uniblue is one of the most established utility software developers and SpeedUpMyPC is their first classical hit.  Uniblue Systems Limited is launched in Malta  in 2003. SpeedUpMyPC and WinBackup are the company’s first products.

uniblue speedupmypc 2014 reviewsUniblue has mainly focused on perfecting SpeedUpMyPC. SpeedUpMyPC has special Uniblue Live Speed Tools and tweaks designed to sharpen up overall system performance. The program will give your PC a lift in performance with immediate gains in speed and responsiveness and multiple optimization features. The core features and optimizations SpeedUpMyPC will do for your PC are the following:

  • Quickly identify and remove Speed Issues, Junk Files and Windows® Registry Errors
  • Live Speed Tools optimize resources for a faster and more responsive PC
  • Clean up fragmented data on your registry
  • Give your bootup process a boost of speed with the PC Startup Optimizer

The system scan is designed to adapt to your specific Windows operating system and computer. This enables the program to check for your specific PC issues – such as certain invalid registry entries – that can impact PC performance.

Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC Reviewsw

Do you want to know what is slowing down your computer?

Click her to set up your free SpeedUpMyPC system scan!

Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC

SpeedUpMyPC is an excellent program and designed with care to perform it tasks. Nevertheless, what are international reviews of established sources writing about this product? Would I buy this product in the light of information and my own knowledge and experience with utility software? This are questions I will address here now.


speedupmypc reviewThere are a lot of SpeedUpMyPC reviews available across the web. The problem is that most of the reviews are on older versions of the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC product. We mainly find reviews on the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2012 version. In general the reviews I read were positive, although there were some more reluctant conclusions.

For example PC Geek HelpDesk gave the following verdict:  The verdict about SpeedUpMyPC is that, it does not do anything out of the ordinary, besides the file shredder option, you can basically do all the things it does with built-in free windows tools. But if you don’t have the knowledge enough to use the built-in windows tools, then buy SpeedUpMyPC.

What’s A Byte conducted a serious test on how the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC software optimizes a slow computer. The verdict was positive: This byte management utility does just what it says it can do. It speeds up your PC. Disk clutter, RAM, CPU and your system settings are all automatically scanned, cleaned and optimized for peak performance. The problem is that the review is mainly based on the 2012 product assessment.

Randolph Estebat of  CNET gave the SpeedUpMyPC 2014 an excellent rating and concluded his review with the following remark: SpeedUpMyPC 2013 is recommended for PCs new and old. So also this major software review and download site, did not update their review.

Computer Opschonen & Software Advies is a Dutch site with a lot of reviews  on utility and antivirus software. Their review on the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC software includes the 2014 version and goes back to the 2010 version! They followed up the development of the product over the years and consider it a great Windows optimization tool. Nevertheless, they recommend their readers to buy a more completer product. A more completer product Uniblue has developed that incorporates all tools, programs and features for computer maintenance is the PowerSuite. The Uniblue PowerSuite 2014 gives you much more value for your money. It includes all the SpeedUpMyPC 2014 software and more: the Uniblue DriverScanner (updating drivers), the Uniblue RegistryCleanerKit (for cleaning the registry) and the Uniblu MaxiDisk ( for hard disk maintenance). This is an important suggestion, I missed from many other reviews I’ve read on the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC software.

Here is a screenshot of the SpeedUpMyPC software:

speedupmypc 2015

Conclusion on the SpeedUpMyPC 2014

uniblue speedupmypc 2014 reviewsIt is an international recognized utility software program. The software optimizes system settings, deletes junk files and improves RAM and CPU function, injecting a new lease of life into a PC therefore reducing the need for expensive hardware updates. This is the core value of the SpeedUpMyPC. If you are looking for this, you do not need to look further. This Uniblue software has already more than 10+ years of a development track record. Uniblue is an established Microsoft Gold Certified Application Developer. Click here to Download SpeedUpMyPC and test the software for your self. Nevertheless, I would recommend you check out the Uniblue PowerSuite, a much more complete alternative, which provides you with more features and tools for complete PC maintenance and optimization. Click here for more information on the Uniblue PowerSuite.

What is your experience and opinion on the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC? You are welcome to share your opinion by commenting or discussing it on our Google+ post:

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Fix for a Mac that is running slow

When a Mac is running slow we get frustrated and we are desperate for a solution.

Mac running slow
Mac running slow?

There are several causes and therefore different solutions to fix this problem. As we discuss in the page computer slow (which explains how to solve a slow pc with Windows as OS); for each operating Systems there are different methods to solve a slow computer.
In this page we will provide instructions on how to fix a slow Mac.

Antivirus check: virus makes Mac running slow

Several years ago, people said and believed that the computers made by Apple are free of the risk to get infected by a virus. Nowadays, they know better.
For all operating systems, there are viruses, the more popular the operating system the more viruses are created for them. Mac is getting over the years more and more popular and each time there are more viruses that attack the Mac OSX operating system.

It is therefore very important to have your Mac PC protected.
A infected system makes a mac running slow, and also causes a slow internet Mac.

How do you know if your system is infected?

It is not so hard to find out if a virus or any other malware, like troyans or spyware, infected your Mac. There a special tools, called antivirus software, which are able to detect if a Mac is infected or not.

Instruction to determine if your Mac computer is infected:

  1. Download MacKeeper.
    MacKeeper is an all in one software solution for Apple systems.
    It contains a lot of great features to maintain your Mac healthy and running smoothly. Besides that MacKeeper can detect and remove viruses, it is able to clean the system and fix software errors. And this with a simple mouse click.

    MacKeeper protects and maintains Mac systems
    MacKeeper protects and maintains Mac systems

    Click here to download MacKeeper.

  2. Install Mackeeper
    When the download has finished, open it by double clicking on the setup program called: “MacKeeper.2.1.03.pkg”.
    Follow the instructions on the screen and finish the installation.
  3. Scan for virus and malware
    In MacKeeper click on the option called: ”Antivirus” and press in the section “Scan” on the button “Start custom scan”.

Wait until the scan process has finished. Any detected virus will be reported.
Let MacKeeper remove all the found malware.

Clean up Mac

Besides viruses and other malware, a computer that is not maintained correctly results in a PC with many performance problems. For example, a full and fragmented hard disk makes a mac running slow.
It is therefore very important to keep your Mac clean.
There are two ways to clean up a Mac: doing it manually or automatically, using a mac cleaner.
People with a lot of PC experience often chose to perform all the maintenance task manually, but for most Mac users this is to complicated.

For more information and instructions on how to maintain a Mac system healthy, we recommend the site: clean up mac. A great product is CleanMyMac 2. We wrote an article on it: CleanMyMac 2 Review – Summary of reviews. I would compare this mac utility software with the Mackeeper: MacKeeper review.

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My computer is running slow: easy fix

My computer is running slow! Help what can I do? In this article you can find instructions to fix a slow PC and make the computer faster. A slow computer is one of the most frustrating things that can happen. There are several reasons why you can get a slow computer, but the most common one is: lack of PC maintenance.

Mac or Windows PC?
Mac or Windows PC?

Depending on whether you have a Windows or a Mac system, the instructions to fix a slow computer are different. Windows operates in a different way than OS X.
In this page you can find instruction to fix a computer with Windows as operating system.
Do you own a Mac? Read then the article: mac running slow.

Cleaning up the PC is an essential task, to prevent this kind of problems. I am aware that cleaning your computer is a boring and time consuming task; also not all tasks are easy to perform. But it is really important that once and a while a computer clean-up takes place. Of course there exist software that can help you with these tasks. Regcure Pro is an excellent program that cleans, repairs and updates your system. Try and download Regcure Pro.

Why is my computer so slow? To determine possible causes of a slow computer, we have to discriminate three different types: a slow computer at start-up (boot is slow), slow PC when starting software or constantly having a slow computer.

Slow computer at boot time

When your computer is running slow a boot time, than it is important to know what is happing behind the scenes. At the moment the operating system of Microsoft boots, a lot of processes are started. The first thing that Windows does is, it loads its start-up configuration, a specific set of configuration retrieved from the Windows registry specifying exactly what services, software and drivers must be loaded.

Here can we identify three possible causes which might turn your PC in a slow computer.

  1. The Windows registry, the source where all system configurations are stored is too big; it contains some much information that finding the information needed takes too much time. And therefore the registry must be cleaned up.
  2. The Windows registry contains errors or is corrupted.  The registry must be repaired.
  3. There are a lot of start-up services installed in your computer. A start-up program is a third party software component that is started at the moment Windows starts, how more of these services are activated on your computer how slower he gets. Deactivating start up services is therefore needed.

As you may have noticed, the Windows registry plays an important role. A lot of people compare the registry with the human brain. It is involved in all operations on your computer.

Fix for a slow computerCleaning and repairing the registry can therefore solve a lot of these kinds of problems. See for more information: Computer clean up.

Occasionally a slow computer

Do you notice that starting a software program takes more time than before? Or it seems to freeze your computer at specific moments? Than your problem may fall under the category an occasionally slow computer.

We can identify the following possible causes:

  • Your computer is infected with a virus.
  • Software / Windows registry errors
  • Driver issue

When your computer is infected by a virus a direct drop of performance can be noticed. It depends on the type of virus. Also Spyware or Adware can make your PC really slow. You can see Spyware/adware a lot in combination with your web browser. A lot of people download plugins for their browser, which are loaded with ads or buttons and stuff, which makes starting your browser time consuming operation. More information you can find on: internet slow.

As with everything that is running on your Windows operating system, the Windows registry is consulted all the time. To find specific drivers, paths, files user setting and much more. If you have a damaged Windows registry you can get all kinds of problems. Please check the page: clean-up PC for more information.

Another possible cause could be a problem with one of your hardware drivers. If you for example start a game, the system will load the drivers of the graphical card. When those drivers are not working correctly, or they are working with the wrong versions than you can have hardware performance problems.

Computer is always slow

When your computer is constantly slow, than you could have a combination of several problems. Because finding the problem can be very complex, because one problem is caused by another, I recommend that you start with a clean-up. If that doesn’t help, try a Pc clean-up tool like Pc Health Advisor. You can download it here and perform a system health scan.

[doctor title=”Perform a system health scan to determine the cause of a slow computer” linktxt=”Click here and download Pc Health Advisor.” desc=”Pc Health Advisor can indicate why your computer is running slow” product=pc-health-advisor].

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